About us

About us

Professional Association of Lawyers ConsulTax is an energetic team which is not afraid of challenges and complicated situations. We are efficiently, professionally and responsibly work for you and your business.

Professional Association of Lawyers employs experts of various legal fields who help the customers to solve tax and business disputes or disputes with banks; professionally represent your interests and the interests of your business in courts and various institutions; wisely advise in issues related to agreements and business law.

Qualified lawyers are able to immediately understand the situation, professionally assess and without any delays react to the needs of the customer. In problem solutions they use legal, financial and business implementation knowledge.

Professional Association of Lawyers values communication with all customers, complies with strict requirements of confidentiality and lawyers professional ethics, by all means help the customers to increase additional value and prestige of their business.

Professional Association of Lawyers is a reliable partner to other associations of lawyers and organizations which provide legal or financial services and is an attractive organization which is able to attract and develop the lawyers of all fields to professionally protect your interests and the interests of your business.