Professional Association of Lawyers Kručkauskas, Blaškevičius, Gruodis and Parterns ConsulTax has its name shortened

Professional Association of Lawyers Kruškauskas, Blaškevičius, Gruodis and Partners ConsulTax which unites 14 business law professionals has its name shortened and on October 23, 2017 it became ConsulTax.

According to Albertas Kručkauskas, the leading partner of this Association of Lawyers, the idea to change the name came up during the process of planning of business in Lithuania and foreign. It was decided to leave a short name with a clear function, as it was examined that this name is greatly appreciated by the customers and that they have reminded it well. 

According to the Attorney A. Kručkauskas, ConsulTax symbolises tax law, which is the key field of the Association, as in this field the lawyers of the organization have wide knowledge and deep understanding. 

In the field of business law the Association of Lawyers ConsulTax has been working since 2006. Its attorneys and lawyers undertake complicated and complex cases, help to solve disputes with banks or insurance companies, defend the interests of the customers in courts and other institutions and advise on tax and transaction risk issues. 

The customers of ConsulTax are the managers of small and medium business companies, financiers, shareholders, municipalities and private persons.